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Eaton gearbox
Eaton clutches
Parker Chelsea











Our speciality is the repair of automatic and manual gearboxes por utility vehicles. We are able to repair gearboxes of Voith, ZF, Mercedes, Eaton and many other manufacturers professionally.

The quality of the overhauled or repaired gearboxes is secured and revealed through a unique test bench. Only very few companies in the world are able to provide this service..


Test run of a Voith Diwa 864.6 automatic transmission after repair.

Test run of a ZF 5HP500 automatic transmission after repair.

Test run of a Voith 864.5 automatic transmission after repair.




Special software and hardware developped by us enables us to perform computer
based testings of all conventional gearboxes of ZF, Voith and Mercedes.



Engine: Modified Mercedes OM 447

Cylinder capacity: 11967ccm
Hubraum: 11967ccm
Power: 250 hp





ZF oil inlet flange


 290,-€ + VAT


Voith Guide wheel

 290,-€ + VAT